Brand Creative speaks on Interior Design and Branding for Salons at Professional Beauty GCC 2019

February 18, 2019


Brand Creative were invited to give a talk on interior design and branding for salons at The Professional Beauty GCC Expo 2019. Creative Director Carla Conte and Design Manager Boutros Boutros took to the stage to deliver their insight on “How Interior Design and Branding can Ensure your Salon Succeeds in the UAE's Fierce Competitive Market”, going into detail on the importance of design for salons, particularly in the UAE where the international client base are well-travelled and trend-savvy.



Salon Design is much more complex than simply making a place ‘look pretty’, it is a specialist discipline that is imperative in creating a memorable, successful brand. From the naming & logo design and signage through to the interior, attention to detail is proven to have a positive impact on design for beauty & wellness. Carla & Boutros went into detail on the topic, providing a room full of beauty professionals and enthusiasts with invaluable lessons on how to make their brand shine.



"Brand Creative on Interior Design and Branding for Salons at Professional Beauty GCC Event" written by Helen Ampen, Brand Strategist at Brand Creative

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