Re-branding – A Competitive Differentiator

June 23, 2019

Re-branding in many ways is more complicated than establishing a new brand. There are multiple considerations to take into account, with one of the most important being, the market’s reaction. So, why do it? Some of the most iconic, established and beloved brands, have evolved and re-branded and there are multiple reasons why. Such as updating your brand’s positioning, adapting to a changing market, rectifying a negative image or misaligned brand expression, a change in leadership and most importantly remaining relevant.

To quote, Katy French, “When well-executed, a rebrand closes that communication gap. It expresses the brand’s personality, reflects its mission, and presents a fresh face to the world.” Brands such as Starbucks, Apple, FedEx, Uber, and Instagram have all implemented a degree of re-branding, all for different reasons, but with a clear understanding of the benefits. However, re-branding is more , or should be more than just a new or updated logo or name. There needs to be a strategic approach to the purpose of the re-brand which allows for definitive objectives and outcomes. A considerable amount of research and planning is required before starting with the re-branding process. However, always remember that the fine line of brand equity is one to be trodden on with caution.



Choosing your updated identity is a critical step in the process, however an even more important factor is the roll out and communication of your re-brand. Re-defining your positioning requires clear messaging and the consistent application of your new identity. Even though the re-branding process may look daunting it is actually a very exciting time within your brand’s life cycle, a time of reflection, growth and celebration. When was the last time that you took a step back to review your brand?


Having recently gone through the process ourselves of refreshing our identity after 8 years, we completely understand the journey and growing pains. One becomes attached to one's identity, naturally so, which makes it that much more difficult to imagine even the smallest of changes. We felt as though it was time for a little change, but not to the point of a complete overhaul, rather just a refresh. Having firmly established ourselves with our original identity we felt that the timing was perfect to re-fresh.  Even though the final direction that we chose for our updated identity is more of a tweak to our original logo, the small change was made with the greatest intent and supported by a definitive shift in our physical location, interiors, culture and strategic approach. Watch this space to see our refresh come to life.


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