2018 at Brand Creative – Interiors, Branding, Awards and Achievements

  2018 was a great year for Brand Creative on many levels. To start the New Year on a high we take a look at what made our 7th year such a special one for our branding and interior design team.   We Won Awards This year we were delighted to win awards for our…read more

Brand Creative on Interior Design for Retail in the Festive Season

Working in interior design for retail, the Brand Creative team are all about the details that make the shopping experience a memorable one. With the end of the year approaching, we’ve all succumbed to the unavoidable festive tradition of excessing spending but what is it about this period that stimulates the urge to splurge? The…read more

Brand Creative on how to Incorporate the 2019 Pantone Color of the Year ‘Living Coral’ into Branding & Interiors

  Each year the Pantone Color Institute conducts trend forcasting research, referencing fashion, interior design and the cultural climate to determine the next  Pantone Color of the Year.  For 2019 the new choice of ‘Living Coral’ has been described as an “animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energises and enlivens with a softer edge.”…read more

Brand Creative on the Design MENA Summit 2018, Hosted by Commercial Interior Design and Middle East Architect

  Brand Creative attended the 2018 Design MENA Summit, the 6th edition of the annual event hosted by Commercial Interior Design and Middle East Architect. Each year some of the top speakers and influencers of the Architecture and Interior Design Industry are invited to come and talk to discuss their practice and also the issues…read more

Brand Creative’s Creative Director Carla Features in the Commercial Interior Design Power List 2018

Our Creative Director Carla has earned a well-deserved place in the top 20 of the 2018 Commercial Interior Design Power List. Since establishing Brand Creative nearly 8 years ago, she has continually inspired, motivated and supported the team and has become a prominent figure in the Middle East Design scene. Carla has now featured in…read more

Brand Creative Unites with Dubai Design Industry in Support of Surge

  Brand Creative have been in support of Surge for a few years now, an incredible international organisation dedicated to helping communities in need, access clean drinking water and sanitation services. With a strong presence in the UAE, their regional work includes educating individuals about their water footprint and sustainable living, across the general public, the…read more

Brand Creative Designs Sophisticated Brand Identity for TESDI

Brand Creative were approached by Dubai event suppliers TESDI to create a full graphic design concept including logo design, business stationary and brand manual for a strong launch into the market. Collaborating with a brand from the beginning is great as we get to work on a completely blank canvas, working in harmony with the…read more

Brand Creative Interviewed for OFIS Talks in Collaboration With Commercial Interior Design

    Brand Creative were approached by OFIS to participate in the 8th edition of OFIS Talks, an online video series in collaboration with Commercial Interior Design that interviews Dubai-based interior design firms. Six members of our team were asked 10 questions about creativity, design and the industry, including ‘What design rule do you love…read more

Brand Creative’s Luxury Fashion Retail Interior Design for Mauzan

  The Brand Creative interior design team loved working on the new luxury fashion retail environment for Mauzan, the latest location of the modest womenswear store in Al Ain. Having worked with the clothing and perfume retailers previously, it was great to become reacquainted with the brand and develop a chic new location that would…read more

Brand Creative Interior & Graphic Designers Visit Index Exhibition 2018

  Last week, our Dubai interiors & graphics team visited INDEX at the World Trade Center, Dubai, U.A.E.  It was great to catch up with some well-known local suppliers like Häfele, Art Painting lab, and FnB Furniture. Stephanie Ng Design from Malaysia was one of the favorites for our interior designers, they offer bespoke lighting…read more

Interior Designers In UAE Reveal The Power Of Color For Business

A desert country often struggles with the monochromatic scheme of its landscape; therefore, it’s imperative for structures to provide some much needed splashes of contrasting hues to make the place appear more alive. The thing about the United Arab Emirates is that its people are actually quite colorful themselves; the locals or indigenous folks are…read more

BEADBRICK (images courtesy of Brickstainable)

This is a ceramic based wall assembly capable of thermal dynamics, self-shading, moisture reduction, evaporation  and termite prevention.  With this material, buildings could be built to create microclimates “by allowing variable levels of porosity in the façade”. Cool.  Literally. A submission by Rizal Muslimin in the Brickstainable design competition (2010).  


We just love these old school pics of our star graphic artist Hicham! Graffiti artist/rapper/break dancer/best cappuccino maker in the office – we’re super lucky to have this talented star on our team.


Our talents form the unique balance of an integrated retail design team. We combine interiors, architecture, engineering and graphic design to create engaging and brand oriented spaces… and love what we do!

A Look At Key Trends In Retail Spaces Used By Interior Design Companies In UAE

The UAE is fast becoming one of the more architecturally expressive locations in the world. Contemporary lines can merge with regional sensibilities. Impeccably stylish interiors can work well with functional spaces. And exceptionally designed retail environments can become virtual experiences.   As global commercial design brands enter the region and consumer preferences become even more…read more

How Interior Design Firms In Dubai Can Enhance Your Brand

It’s tricky to develop a brand. No matter what sort of business or industry you’re in, the road to achieving a fully developed, easy-to-identify brand can be difficult. But it has to be done because without proper branding, your business may just struggle with marketing and advertising to your target consumers. From your business’s logo…read more

Why Your Business Needs An Interior Design Company Dubai Has To Offer

All business owners or entrepreneurs, at one point or another, need to be able to adapt to the changing needs of the market. What used to work with consumers back in the day might not work for the modern buyer. With globalization and technology advancing at warp speeds, you’ll find your customers becoming savvier with…read more


Our Creative Director (ok AND the rest of us!) have a huge crush on the uber-so-cool “I don’t even have to try!” singing old school meets ghetto vixen Lana del Rey.  She describes herself as a “self-styled Nancy Sinatra” and draws inspiration from Elvis, Janis Joplin, Eminem, Britney Spears (?!) as well as poetry and…read more