Brand Creative Unites with Dubai Design Industry in Support of Surge


Brand Creative have been in support of Surge for a few years now, an incredible international organisation dedicated to helping communities in need, access clean drinking water and sanitation services. With a strong presence in the UAE, their regional work includes educating individuals about their water footprint and sustainable living, across the general public, the corporate sector, and more importantly the school going generation to ensure a brighter tomorrow. 

Earlier this year we were honored to collaborate with the organisation and develop the design concept for their new initiative, the ‘H2O Games’, a team-building event in Dubai with activities centered around the theme of sustainability. Our graphics department worked on the design, coming up with a logo that would refine their identity and also compliment the Surge brand. We went on to create the branding deliverables for the communications, including T Shirts for the participants.   



It’s now coming up to that time of year for the Surge annual ‘Design, Dine & Make a Difference’ gala, a unique event born out of a synergy between the driven team at Surge and the design and architecture community’s commitment to sustainable design. For the second year running, Brand Creative’s Creative Director Carla is an ambassador for the event, supporting and raising awareness for the cause.  Further information about the organisation is available at: Love That Design.






“Brand Creative Unites with Dubai Design Industry in Support of Surge”  written by Helen Ampen, Brand Strategist at Brand Creative, Dubai.

In collaboration  with Surge & Love That Design

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