DesignMENA 2017 Brand Creative Focus ‘Battling for Quality & Design Integrity’

December 10, 2017

This week Brand Creative attended the fifth Design MENA Summit 2017, an annual event that brings together the regional design industry through a series of discussions on topics concerning interior design and architecture within the region. It is a great chance to connect with other designers in our field and hear new perspectives on issues that tend to arise in interior design, not only in Dubai but in cities across the world.  


Across every industry there is a trend in clients requesting projects to be completed in record time, however this expectation can be highly detrimental to the outcome of a design project. When interior designers and fit out companies in Dubai are working towards a tight timeline, there is often no reduction in the expected level of quality. This could lead to disappointment all round as neither the client nor the designer benefits from a hurried effort once the integrity of the design has been diluted. 



The panelists shared instances of where their professionalism had been put into question in the past, describing the frequent misunderstandings of the role of an interior designer. It was agreed that on occasion the advice of the designer had been overruled or simply overlooked, much to the detriment of the project. Design agencies in Dubai not only possess visual skills but are well-educated and experienced in a multitude of technical and practical areas. We are here to help, trust us!


 Value Engineering

The final topic was how to develop successful branding and interior design solutions that the designer can be proud of whilst meeting the constraints of the value-engineering phase. Is it possible to create inspiring design in Dubai whilst working to a constricted budget? The panelists agreed that this is usually achievable, however the expectations need to be realistic. For example it would not be feasible to fabricate a 2000SQM space full of marble and precious metal on an economical budget. However, if the restrictions are presented from the start, interior designers can definitely work towards exceptional creative solutions that still maintain optimal design integrity.


Overall there was a consensus that every party involved in a design project ought to provide honest communication throughout every phase of the process. Such openness would lead to satisfaction all round and lead to incredible designs that are successful visually, practically and commercially. At Brand Creative we endeavor to achieve such results, maintaining a close relationship with our clients and partners throughout to create the best possible design solutions. 


Moderator: Robert Willcock

Panel: Tarek F. Ardanki, David Daniels, David Lessard, Neil van der Veen, Elizabeth Valkovics

Image from DesignMENA


"DesignMENA 2017 Brand Creative Focus ‘Battling for Quality & Design Integrity’" Written by Helen Ring, Brand Creative Dubai Studio Manager

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