Carla featured as a panel speaker at the Index design talks 2019

September 18, 2019

Our Creative Director, Carla Conte was invited once again to feature as one of the speakers at the Index design talks. The Retail design panel that Carla participated in, explored the topic of 'creating unique retail environments to shape brand identity, consumer experiences and behavior'. The panel included Juan Hildebrand - Schwitzke Middle East, Stuart Allen - AAID and Sayed Habib - Danube Home.



One of the key topics discussed was the ever changing demand of appealing to the millenial consumer. The millenial consumer is savvy, smart and well informed. Therefore in order to attract these young savvy shoppers you need to truly understand their needs and lifestyles. This includes designing spaces that transcend the norms of retail and create a sense of engagement and personal connection.

Along with this comes the inclusion of technology. All of the speakers agreed that technology should not be included just for the sake of falling into a trend. Rather it should be integrated with purpose and in an interesting way that does not mimic the technology that consumers already have at their disposal and can use in the very same way. Technology should rather act as a support to your brand and enrich the shopping experience.

The second key topic and most important, that was discussed was around establishing a brand and developing a strategic approach to design. In order to create a space or brand that speaks with relevance and purpose to the desired end user a strategy needs to be developed. Without this solid base of positioning, personality, visual identity, tone of voice and narrative there will be no clear direction or point of differentiation. This is what builds,unique,consistent and successful brands and allows for strong concepts to be developed from.

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