Brand Creative visits the first material library in the UAE - COLAB

September 01, 2019


Last month, we visited COLAB, the first material library in the UAE. The library recently opened in the Dubai Design District, D3.

COLAB is a communal space that aims to stimulate creativity within the members of the design community. It is a home for designers of various disciplines to collaborate and explore innovative ideas using the latest materials and design trends from across the globe. It also serves as a gallery, event/activation space, and networking hub in its bid to bring the entire creative community together.


The library features, the first Innovation Walls in the UAE curated by Material ConneXion the leading materials-driven design authority and partner of the most innovative brands in the world.  The wall consists of a catalogue of information on avant-garde technology and sustainable solutions. This incredible showcase gets updated every 3 months with the latest innovative material finds.


From the various products displayed on the shelves of COLAB, Organoid’s authenticity captivated not only, our interest but also our emotion. It is a 100% sustainable surface, available in naturally untreated condition, packed with multisensory as well as multidisciplinary attributes. 


Flipping through the sample folder of Organoid was a blissful experience, as the natural raw materials such as lavender, coffee, vanilla pods etc. not only looked visually appealing, but created a multisensory experience through the organic textures and invigorating fragrances.


This product is used by designers of various disciplines such as, product designers, furniture designers, as well as interior designers.  It can be anything from a wall panel or wall tiles, to glasses, phone covers, diary, business cards, the options are endless.



Richard Wilson, the Creative Director and Alhaan Ahmed, the materials solution lead, at COLAB, walked us through the entire library along with giving us the opportunity to explore and experience the materials in the library. 


At the end of the tour, we spent time putting together a mood board using some of our favourite, materials exhibited at COLAB. We look forward to watching this space grow and visiting time and time again to interact and learn about all of the latest and greatest inventions within the material world!



Find out more about the innovative brands we used in the mood board here:





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