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February 21, 2019


  Retail Design has been a key specialty of Brand Creative since we launched in 2011 & we’ve collaborated with many successful luxury, fashion, sports and beauty brands over the past 8 years. From international companies looking for a fresh concept for a new location, to startups that want to establish themselves with a strong visual identity, here are some of our standout and award winning retail interiors that earned us a reputation as retail design experts in Dubai.


In design for luxury retail, customers should feel looked after with a consistent customer journey that focuses on experience. It is especially important to pay attention to detail and the needs to be treated as a hospitable experience as opposed to a quick-sell approach. The longer the customer spends in a store, the more likely they are to stay, browse and make a purchase.  

Mauzan, Al Ain Featured in Commercial Interior Design

  For the interior of luxury womenswear and perfumery Mauzan, the location is designed to feel like a palatial walk-in wardrobe, appealing to the elegant, Middle Eastern woman. We reinforced the feeling of opulence with luxe finishes & an inviting seating area that would make the customer feel more like they are in a relaxed, welcoming environment rather than a clothes shop. The clothes rails were custom made in a gold tone for a distinctive look that strengthens the brand identity.


The Brand Creative interiors and branding teams went all-in on the chic ‘beachside boutique’ feel for UAE luxury swimwear store Hamac. Fresh white, wood and pops of coral emphasise the seaside holiday vibe, putting customers in a positive mood to browse through the high-end brands.  

Hamac, JBR CID Retail Project Finalist, CID 2014

  The atmosphere is relaxed and refreshing, a sunny haven of style and elegance that is inkeeping with the JBR location. We bought in texture with a ceiling feature and lighting that mimics the shape of sunbeams and custom pattern that was used behind the cash desk and on the packaging.

Go Sport

Sportswear retail is a highly competitive market and with many stores stocking the same items, retailers need to stay one step ahead if they are going to become top of mind for consumers.

The demographic for sportswear is broad, with larger stores catering for woman & men, children and adults. As such the interior needs to be universally appealing and engaging for everybody, engaging but not too overpowering to compete with the multiple brands. This requires thinking beyond linear design, exploring unexpected ways to display products and using methods to enhance the space.  

Go Sport, Mall of the Emirates Best Retail Project, MEIDA 2016

In our designs for multiple locations of leading sports retailer Go Sport, we used the latest in technology innovations such as weight sensitive technology and touch screens to bring another dimension to the space and encourage customers to interact with the product.  

Bin Sina

Layout is a key principle of in all interior design, and is especially important to consider when it comes to retail design. The positioning of products, placement of the entrance and the display all count when it comes to the customer experience.  

Bin Sina, Mall of Emirates Best of Retail Category, IIDA 2013

  In our planning for the redesign of homegrown pharmacy Bin Sina, we identified ways to increase the average spend per customers. The Brand Creative designers decided to place higher pricepoint beauty items at the front of the store, meaning that customers could be enticed as they walk through to the essential and medical items. This tactic resulted in an increase in female customers and a noticeable increase in sales for the company. 


When space is limited, the designer needs to get creative for ways to make the interior enticing. If there is not much floor area, then the walls and ceiling can be the ideal canvas for a sculptural feature.  

Albatar, Abu Dhabi Featured in Commercial Interior Design

  In luxury footwear store design for Albatar, the interior was long and narrow, leaving limited options for display options and decorative features. Our team designed mashrabiya dividers between the shoes, separating the products but not interrupting the flow of the space. On the ceiling we designed a sinuous sculptural feature that replicated waves in the sand and finishes off the traditional yet unexpected design. 

Interior design for retail is a blend of strategic planning and creative thinking, a meticulous process that when done well can result in increased brand awareness and more sales. Successful retail spaces engage with customers and encourage them to linger and browse products. At Brand Creative, our designs make the shopping experience immersive, intriguing and above all memorable.

“Brand Creative Designs…” is a series that captures the essence of what we do as designers, giving insight into our process and the goings on within the studio. Each chapter features a specific area of expertise, revealing our professional insight and focusing on the key projects we have worked on in each field. As a company that specialises in branding and interior design, our combined experience spans across many areas of graphics, interiors and strategy.

“Brand Creative Designs - Retail Interiors” By Helen Ampen, Brand Strategist at Brand Creative.

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