Brand Creative Interviewed for OFIS Talks in Collaboration With Commercial Interior Design



Brand Creative were approached by OFIS to participate in the 8th edition of OFIS Talks, an online video series in collaboration with Commercial Interior Design that interviews Dubai-based interior design firms. Six members of our team were asked 10 questions about creativity, design and the industry, including ‘What design rule do you love to break?’ and ‘Describe the design scene in the Middle East in just three words…’ The film features Creative Director Carla Conte, Managing Director Mohammed el Hijazi, Design Manager Boutros Boutros, Senior Interior Design Sana Maarrawi,  Brand Strategist Helen Ampen and Graphic Designer Yasmine el Ashry, resulting in a variety of answers that represent the multiple ways of thinking within Brand Creative. It was a great way to reflect on our process as designers and give people a glimpse into our studio as well as highlight the unique mix of personalities we have within the team.

The article and video are available to watch in full on Commercial Interior Design here: OFIS Talks with Brand Creative



“Brand Creative Interviewed for #OFISTalks in Collaboration With Commercial Interior Design”, written by Helen Ampen, Brand Strategist at Brand Creative

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