2018 at Brand Creative - Interiors, Branding, Awards and Achievements

January 09, 2019

2018 was a great year for Brand Creative on many levels. To start the New Year on a high we take a look at what made our 7th year such a special one for our branding and interior design team.


We Won Awards

This year we were delighted to win awards for our capabilities in salon interior design and F&B branding and interior design. Brand Creative won Best Healthcare / Wellness Project at Index 2018 for Rossano Ferretti Hairspa, Abu Dhabi and we were awarded with an IDA Honorable mention for Yeotown, our F&B branding and interior design in London.



Our branding and interiors concept for Al Jalila Childrens Hospital and Nomad House, our contemporary residential interior design in Dubai were also shortlisted for the 2018 Commercial Interior Design Awards.


We Tried New Things

 In 2018, we introduced Virtual Reality software to bring an immersive element to our interior design projects. A highlight for our Senior Technical Designer Sherin was “the moment we presented a 360° rendering to a client for the first time and seeing his reaction.” Esproses was the project we chose to debut the technique, displaying our chic interior design for the trailer café & floral boutique concept. The client has a great design sensibility and really enjoyed seeing the concept in an immersive 3D VR render. The concept is due to launch in 2019 but here’s a preview of our interior design in the meantime.


We Got Together 

In the second half of the 2018 we spent some time to identify the things that truly matter to us and developed a new set of Brand Values that we could live and work by. To launch the values and get the Dubai team together we arranged an overnight event in a desert resort in Al Ain, complete with sport activities and an al fresco meal by a campfire.

For our Graphic Designer Natasha, this was her favourite moment of the year. “The trip to Al Telal was a highlight because it was a great way to get to know everyone in the team better.” As well as spending time with each other, the event symbolised an evolution of Brand Creative as we prepare to expand in 2019 and introduce new charitable initiatives that support our intentions.


We Took Graphic Design to New Places

Our graphic design department really excelled this year, taking on a wide range of projects both independently and collaboratively with the interiors team. During 2018 we took on some exciting new clients for F&B branding and interior design in KSA, such as newly opened Dunk N Dip, a vibrant chocolate café with 2 locations in Saudi, and ESSO, a contemporary coffee shop that will be opening in 2019.


Graphic Designer Yasmine really enjoyed “the variety of cool projects (I) was lucky to work on; from a perfume launch and high-end kids furniture e-commerce store to building a new coffee brand and developing a high-end beauty salon and lounge,” a diverse range of fantastic new projects that are due to launch in the coming months.


Overall, 2018 was a year of success and growth for Brand Creative on many levels. The launch of the Brand Values towards the end of the Year was pivotal in setting our objectives as an international design agency and we are so proud of the team for the exceptional designs that have been delivered. In 2019 we will be are moving to a brand new location and will be revealing on some great new interiors and graphics projects as they are set to launch in the coming months. Happy New Year!


“2018 at Brand Creative - Interiors, Branding, Awards and Achievements” by Helen Ampen, Brand Strategist at Brand Creative

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